The division’s main goal is to progress, develop and improve Computer Science and Engineering essentials to fabricate the scholarly capital of the general public. The CSE Department Endeavor’s to be a critical provincial, national, and universal asset community for the improvement of Computing and its applications.


Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) is a quickly propelling field, with new thoughts rising each other second. From cell phones to fiber optics and remote detecting, there are energizing roads to investigate and make. It is the use of science and math connected to down to earth issues in the field of communications. 


Mechanical engineers require a strong comprehension of key ideas including mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics energy and assembling. They utilize these standards in the outline and analysis of vehicles, airplane, heating and cooling frameworks, structures and scaffolds, mechanical gear and hardware, and some more.


The Department of Civil Engineering bestows understudies with authority in the field of structural designing other than familiarity with mathematics, physics, instrumentation, computers, management and economics – essential requirements for any successful civil engineer. 

Electrical & electronics

Electrical and Electronics Engineering is a constantly advancing subject. As innovation has propelled, so have the difficulties confronting the cutting edge build. A silicon chip containing more than 100 million transistors in a territory no bigger than a postage stamp is yesterday’s news.


The effect of Innovative headways on human life isn’t finished without the part of Information Technology, along all axis. Henceforth all-infesting nature of Information Technology is finished with colossal interest for instruction in the said field.